Repair vs. Replacement: A Guide by Experts of Cell Phone Repair in London, Ontario

Repair vs Replacement A Guide by Cell Phone Repair in London Ontario

Cell phones are, indeed, a necessity in today’s world. We prefer to think of them as extravagances, especially when they are quite expensive.

Have you ever tried to apply for a job or keep a job without a phone? It’s becoming increasingly rare these days.

We also store our entire lives on them. As our lives become more hectic, we rely on our calendars and social networking apps to keep us organized. Most jobs will require you to provide a way for your employer to contact you. They want to know that if there are any problems or if you need to be called in at the last minute, they can contact you. Hence cell phones have become an essential part of our lives.

Knowing when to replace or repair a phone is highly important. At RazTech, many customers are completely unaware that now their phone has passed the stage to be repaired and it needs to be replaced. So this article is curated by the professionals at RazTech to enlighten our readers about the right time to go for cell phone repair in London, Ontario, or replacement. So let’s go!

Cost of Repair vs. Replacement

It’s the first thing most people think about when making this decision. Because a new phone costs $800 and a repaired phone costs only $300, repairing the phone may be your best option. You should also consider the value of your phone. Using various websites, you can get an idea of how much your phone might sell for. We advise all our customers that  If the cost of repairing your phone exceeds the device’s value, it may be beyond repair.

Even if the cost of repair or replacement appears to be a simple choice at first glance, there are many factors to consider.

Age of Phone

When a device reaches the age of three years, there is a good chance that software incompatibilities will begin to occur. After a year, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on repairs only to make the phone’s operating system obsolete. Consider how many previous fixes the phone has had. With each open case, the risk of damage to your phone increases. If your phone has been repaired three times or more, it may need to be retired. You can get your phone inspected at checked at Raztech, so visit our services page for more information.

Cracked Screen

One out of every ten people now has a smartphone with a cracked screen. If you have a broken screen on your phone and can’t live with it any longer, contact RazTech. Screen replacement should not cost more than $100. You’ll save a lot of money this way, which you can put toward something else you need, like a phone cover to keep your phone from breaking again!

Complicated Functions

It’s an excellent place to get some hands-on help from professionals from RazTech if your smartphone’s main issue is that you don’t know how to do much more than answer the phone, send a text and take an occasional picture. Our outlet provides regular assistance to help you get the most out of your iPhone.


When deciding whether to repair or replace a smartphone, consider what you need from a device as an individual before deciding. If your phone can’t be mended or is stolen, the cost of a replacement might be rather high if you don’t have a warranty. If the damage to your smartphone is small and you don’t have a warranty or insurance coverage, it’s worth trying to fix it yourself.

Most of the time, it’s best to get assistance from either our professionals at RazTech, or from your device makers, like Apple and Samsung.