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Why Are We The Finest Refurbished Cell Phone Store In London, Ontario?

We get our phones from sources that are well trusted and known for taking care of the tech they carry. Once we get the phone, we run a full body diagnostic to see what is wrong with it. If we find something in the hardware, we fix it. If the damage cannot be repaired, we replace the part with a brand new one. Then we check the phone to see if it has original firmware installed and if there is no tampering with the software. After a thorough inspection of everything from the body to the insides, the phones make their way to the display section for sale.

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Here’s What We Do!

Our technicians are well versed in their fields and can bring phones back to life in minimal time. We trust their skills in phone refurbishing!


Screen Check

Screen Check

We test the screen to see responsiveness, refresh rate, colour reproduction, screen burn-ins, brightness, damage to the panel and more. If we suspect even the slightest of things, the whole panel gets replaced with an original new one!

Battery Check

Battery Check

We check the battery health where the phone stands. If the battery life is above 90 to 95%, it is considered good battery health. If the phone has bad battery timing and gives a poor screen on experience, we replace it with a new one!

Camera Lens Check

Camera Lens Check

Cameras in smartphones have become extremely important over the years as people are now moving towards pocket cameras found on smartphones. We carefully check the camera and repair or replace the lens and circuits if it’s not good.

But That’s Not All That We Do!

We ask you for your preferences as well to see what exactly you are looking for in a refurbished smartphone. We let you select from our lot freely or you can have a more guided experience while choosing one. We can walk you through everything from setting it up to transferring your data and accounts after you have made the purchase. Our crew is extremely customer friendly and is more than happy to be of assistance! Customer satisfaction is our goal and we strive to achieve it!

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Quality Check

We maintain a state-of-the-art standard to exceed repair expectations. We use only the best equipment and have tech experts with years of experience, skills and certifications to back them up.


Importance Of A Refurbished Smartphone

With a refurbished smartphone, you save a lot of money. The prices of brand new phones have skyrocketed over the last few years. We want you to have a flagship in your hands that’s just as capable as a new one but at a fraction of the cost. We also offer a warranty with our refurbished smartphones that you can avail within the eligibility period easily. Besides, the less you spend on new technology, the more you save the planet by reducing electronic waste!