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It’s more than just a repair job – it’s a Matter of Professional Pride!

We offer by far the best tablet repair in London, Ontario! We have been using all authentic and original Apple parts from the start so none of our customers has a problem with their iPads after we fix them. We repair broken screens and camera lenses, speakers and microphones and much more. We use precise fitting of all parts to ensure their proper working before handing the device back to you. iPads are an expensive investment in one’s lifestyle and we understand this fully. We just want to preserve it!

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iPad & Tablet London, Ontario Services We Offer

Finest repair service in town! Leave your iPad with us and we can give it the VIP treatment it deserves!

Broken Screen Repair

Broken Screen Repair

That big beautiful screen on your iPad is worth protecting so always use protectors. If you do break it, we can fix it for you. We carefully remove the glass, replace the screen and get it back to you in optimum condition!

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

As you charge your tablet more and more, the capacitor inside your battery starts to lose charge over time. So the battery health starts to deteriorate and you get bad battery timing. We can replace the battery for you!

Android Water Damage Repair

Camera Lenses Repair

The camera lens has a hard covering of sapphire crystal which is hard to crack. But if you manage to do it, we can carefully remove the glass shards so the lens is not damaged. If required, we can replace the lens unit for you!

That’s Not All!

We fix speakers where we check them for moisture or impact damage. We repair the unit and check it for audio quality. If it is compromised, we switch it out with a brand new one. Just like that, we repair microphones, antennas for cellular iPads and the back glass too. Our goal is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction when it comes to tech repair work. The reviews we get speak for themselves so make sure to read them! We aim to ensure no one returns to us with the same problem we fixed!

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Quality Check!

We maintain a state-of-the-art standard to exceed repair expectations. We use only the best equipment and have tech experts with years of experience, skills and certifications to back them up.

Why Come To Us?

We offer a free diagnostic service where we diagnose the problem with your phone or tablet and give you a free estimate so you know how much it will cost you. We also offer a 60-day warranty that you can avail any time within the eligibility period but we are confident in our repairs and believe you won’t feel the need to. Our turnaround time is also quick; we can repair your phone for you, test it and return it all within the same day depending on the things we have to fix.