What are the supports and accessories to hold your mobile phone on your own?

To keep up with the times of high-tech products, we have listed 3 clever accessories to hold your smartphone on your own, according to your desires, your habits, and, even your outfit!

Indeed, our increasing use of the telephone at work, at home, or during our indoor and outdoor leisure activities creates new needs for the screen addicts that we are. And having support becomes essential daily to enjoy comfortable mobile browsing in all circumstances. How to make your phone stand up on its own? How do I wear it without it falling? How to wear your smartphone around your neck?

The chord of the telephone pendant

This innovative item of linked couture is a hit. It may first be mistaken for a long, fashionable necklace that frequently fits the wearer’s attire. But no, it is a phone case that is worn like a purse or a clutch over the body or across the neck.

The shell for the phone necklace is fixed on rings through which a cable or reasonably long chain can be threaded. The smartphone is now always within reach, so there’s no need to dig it out of your pocket or bag. It is no longer practical for it to break while being stored or to fall while being handled.

Young ladies who are always connected as well as others who work in communication and technology are seen wearing “Smartphone necklaces” as a fashion item. In order to always remain in touch and prevent phone loss, older people are also beginning to wear them.

The finger loop and support ring are other names for finger support

We are still talking about fashion and the ultimate “hype” item, the smartphone ring. It is available in many colors and materials. Strong, self-adhesive glue holds the loop to your phone. It may be turned 360 degrees horizontally or 180 degrees vertically for the best use and a secure grasp.
In addition, you can use this finger loop as a kickstand to set your laptop down while you view videos or take calls. You may hang your phone from a hook using the ring as well.

Phone Grip or PopSocket

Many people are using this smartphone attachment. They have been seized by brands, who have turned them into authentic goods that they may personalize whatever they like with their trademarks. Additionally, there is a wide range of glitter and colours to suit any preference.

The PopSocket may be used in handle mode, much like the ring, to safely hold your phone as you text, surf the web, or take selfies. For example, watching films or following cooking instructions is possible in assistance mode. A little extra: By encircling its headphones, it may also be utilized in storage mode.

Here are some examples of possible and popular uses:

  • At the office: place the support on your desk, for your indoor and outdoor work, to follow tutorials, cooking recipes, or video conversations
  • In bed: slip it under your mattress to prop your phone up in bed for hands-free viewing (no more arm cramps!)
  • By bike: attach it to the handlebars of your bike to stay connected or view your performance via your applications
  • On you, while walking: wrap it around your neck to video chat while you continue to use your hands, and take lots of selfies.
  • In the car: attach it to your car dashboard to follow your GPS or to the headrests to watch a movie (for passengers only!)
  • For your floor activities: put it on the floor for your gym exercises, and your yoga classes.

Above is the list of must-have smartphone accessories! Foldable and adjustable at will and in the ideal shape.