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Our Job Is To Remedy All Your Mobile Problems!

With the help of state-of-the-art repair equipment and our qualified team, we bring your broken mobile back to life! We offer the best cell phone repair in London, Ontario!

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Expert Phone Repairs In London, Ontario

RazTech is an expert provider of tech repairs, of which phone repair is the magnum opus. Excelling at multiple tech repair services, RazTech has had the pleasure of serving innumerable customers in London, Ontario. At RazTech, we focus on providing quality phone repairs on which our customers can depend. We understand how frustrating it can be if a tech repair provider cannot offer comprehensive services. Hence, we strive to deliver all cell phone repairs under one roof. You can count on our skilled technicians and us to eradicate your phone repair concerns within a minimal time. Thanks to our excellent repair technicians, our services are efficient and accurate over 98% of the time.

Whether you need repair services for cell phone screen damage or battery replacement, you can count on our talented technicians to cater to your needs. Our diagnosis accuracy is perfect, which enables us to move on to the repair process quicker than most. No matter the phone repair concern you have, we are certain we will have the ideal solution. It’s time to bid farewell to your malfunctioning cell phone’s repair problems and let our experts eliminate them for you in no time! You can explore our all-inclusive services here and call us today to avail of our services! 

Brands We Support

Brands We Support
Stephanie Deline
Stephanie Deline
I had my first experience dealing with RazTech for an Iphone 13 that was basically in the ruins with damage. They fixed it for a price LOWER than any other place that i looked into. That being said, I was able to retreive photos and videos of my son upon birth (amongst more). So, they warned me they may not be able to fully fix it back to what it was. Dropped it off to my place after their final try. All I can say is the customer service, professionalism and care for my business that I received from the team Raza, Adam and Leila was above par. I would go back for any future phone issues abd strongly recommend this place to those interested.
Jeremy McCall
Jeremy McCall
These folks might be the kindest people in cell phone services. I took my daughter’s phone in as it was stuck in a permanent boot loop with the apple logo flashing on and off and nothing I tried in google helped. He had it fixed in 5 minutes, and tried to not charge me anything at all, so I bought a case to show some appreciation for my time. What did the owner do? Gave me a discount on it. I kid you not. A few days later, daughter’s screen wouldn’t work. It turned out she had dropped it perfectly on the corner so the glass didn’t break but the part that created the image underneath did. They had the screen replaced entirely and working again in under 30 minutes, along with a screen protector installed, and charged me just over $100 including taxes. Friendly, kind, fast service with beyond reasonable pricing. I wish every business was like them.
Recently got my phone screen fixed here and it was a great choice. Very affordable compared to other places I checked, with quick service.
Cat FelixeaTheCat
Cat FelixeaTheCat
Best tech place in London. I've had two phones repaired here, one was years and years old, I had no courage of it ever working again and THEY DID IT, AND FOR CHEAP. And the second one recently. I went to my local tech shop, they said my phone screen would cost $160+ to be repaired. Raztech did it for $130 and even gave me a small discount. I cannot stress enough how crazy good this place is. As far as I can assume, it's a family owned buisness, and I guess that's what makes them so kind and wonderful. Always get a second opinion on any tech problems, especially repairs here. 10/10 :)
Modern Gamerz Show
Modern Gamerz Show
Called the store at 9:02 am after they open at 9am and someone hung the phone up on me. Strike 1
Nancy Del Maestro
Nancy Del Maestro
Excellent knowledge, support and service with switching up my cell phone to a newer model. A great small business with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I've used their services several times and highly recommend them.
Huma Khan
Huma Khan
Very well experienced in cell phones and excellent customer service. 👌
Brenton Wooldridge
Brenton Wooldridge
Helped me out

Facing Mobile-Related Problems?

1200 +Repairing Case Solved

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20k+ More Than 20k Mobile Problems Solved!

We have satisfied a lot of customers with over 20k mobile issues solved under our name. You bring your tech problem to us and we make it go away!

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Free diagnostics for only cellphone/tablet repair not including water damaged phones. Water damaged phones have a $25 non refundable service charge

Services We Offer

We Repair Broken Screens

Whether it’s an iPad or your smartphone, we can replace those broken screens for you! Our process is safe and you get a colour accurate original screen installed on your device!

best cell phone repair london ontario

Get Old Batteries Replaced

Old batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time as a result of repeated charging. We can replace the cell for better screen time. Say goodbye to charging thrice a day!

Front & Back Camera

Breaking the front and back camera in an accident is an age-old tale with smartphones. We can replace the broken glass and fix or replace the lens with original parts for prime performance.

Headphone Jack Repair

Headphone jacks are crucial for prime audio quality and we can repair any damage to them. We use authentic parts and secure them with precision and accuracy. The mobile is tested extensively before being returned to you.

Charging Port

It is easy to knock a charging port loose after months of connecting and disconnecting cables. We can fix it back in place and make sure all the current goes through for a fast charge!

Water Damage

We carefully dry out and remove all the water and test all internals for functioning. If there is any damage detected, we replace the part with an authentic new one and test the mobile before returning it.

Computer Repair

It includes lcd replacement charging port repair,
keyboard and touchpad replacement replacement hard drive replacement, windows reinstall

Now Available

For 3G
Fetch a new smartphone on a prepaid plan to make the purchase process easier partnered with Public Mobile to bring you prepaid plans. The $35 plan includes:
  • 2.5 GBs of data
  • Bonus 500 MB with AutoPay
  • Unlimited Canada wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts and picture messages
The $25 plan includes:
  • 500 MBs data and bonus 500 MB with AutoPay
  • Unlimited Canada wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts and picture messages
For 4G
Get a new phone on a prepaid plan and get amazing offers for 4G data and unlimited international texts and Canada minutes. The $40 plan includes:
  • 2.5 GBs of data
  • Bonus 500 MB with AutoPay
  • Unlimited Canada wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts and picture messages
The $30 plan includes:
  • 500s MB of data
  • Bonus 500 MB with AutoPay
  • Unlimited Canada wide minutes
  • Unlimited international texts and picture messages

 Top Cell Phone Repair In London, Ontario!


We offer accessories for all phones and tablets. Whether you are into cases and screen protectors for protection or utility iPad cases with keyboards and trackpads, we have it all available with us here!

Android Phone Repair:

The Android world is huge with a lot of different brands and their lineup of smartphones. We are proud to say that our certified technicians can check and fix all of them without any issues whatsoever!

iPhone Repair:

Buying an Apple product in this day and age is more of an investment, given the price tag, than a simple purchase. We fix all iPhone related problems for you! If you have trouble with anything, bring your iPhone in!

New Mobile:

You can buy new phones from us under the contract of a prepaid plan or completely unlocked! The choice is yours. We have partnered with Public Mobile to offer affordable and attractive prepaid plans.

Refurbished Mobile:

Offering one of the finest cell phone repairs in London, Ontario, it is only fitting for us to provide refurbished and 100% fully functional mobile phones at a fraction of the price of a new one. And yes, you get it here!

Tablet & iPad Repair:

iPads are not only multimedia machines of the future but also workflow tablets that have made people shift from full-size laptops. If you break yours, we have just the right fix for it with all 100% genuine parts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are phone repairs worth it?

Phone repairs are so worth it because not only are you getting your phone back to its functional state at a fraction of the cost of getting a new one, but you are saving the planet as well by producing less electronic waste. 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced every year. You can help make a difference!

Does screen replacement delete data?

The screen has nothing to do with the memory of your phone. Its sole purpose is to display the user interface you interact with. Replacing the screen does not delete any data however it is still highly recommended to take a full backup of your device before you get your broken screen replaced, or you can ask us to do it for you.

How do you repair speaker damage?

We carefully remove the unit and test it for water or physical damage. We also closely inspect the internals of the phone to make sure it is alright. After checking, we fix it back in and test the audio quality. If it’s not up to par, we replace the speaker unit with an original new one so you don’t have to compromise on audio quality.

Do you fix broken camera lenses?

Usually, people come to us with their camera glass broken. That part is easy to replace and fix. If the glass has done any damage to the lens, then a replacement unit will be required. You can get the unit from us as we have original lenses in stock available for your device. We can also fit them in on the same day you bring your phone.

Do you lose everything when you get a new phone?

No, you do not lose anything when you get a new phone. You can make a full backup of all your data on the last phone and transfer it to your new one after setting it up. Or we can do all of this for you. When you buy a new phone from us, we walk you through the entire process of setting it up and transferring your data.

Frequently Asked Questions
Some Feedback From Our Happy Clients

Elaine Rowe

Fixed my iPhone 11 pro max within an hour with exceptional service and warranty. Thanks Raza!

Chatrawatie Singh

This guy is the best. He fixed my Samsung Galaxy s20 screen within an hour for a very good price. Thanks Mr. Raza!


Very helpful awesome people take the time to help you with your phone and great extras

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