Why Choose Us?

RazTech is a smartphone and tablet repair company that has been in the industry for a very long time. We deliver quality tech repair services in London, Ontario! You must be wondering why to choose RazTech when you can find repair services anywhere. Let us help you understand! We pay close attention to customer satisfaction, which encompasses everything that comes later. Because of our commitment to providing the best in technology repair services, we keep a high-quality standard in repair equipment and certified technicians!

Services We Offer

We Repair Broken Screens

Whether it’s an iPad or your smartphone, we can replace those broken screens for you! Our process is safe and you get a colour accurate original screen installed on your device!

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Get Old Batteries Replaced

Old batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time as a result of repeated charging. We can replace the cell for better screen time. Say goodbye to charging thrice a day!

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Front & Back Camera

Breaking the front and back camera in an accident is an age-old tale with smartphones. We can replace the broken glass and fix or replace the lens with original parts for prime performance.

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Headphone Jack Repair

Headphone jacks are crucial for prime audio quality and we can repair any damage to them. We use authentic parts and secure them with precision and accuracy. The mobile is tested extensively before being returned to you.

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Charging Port

It is easy to knock a charging port loose after months of connecting and disconnecting cables. We can fix it back in place and make sure all the current goes through for a fast charge!

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Water Damage

We carefully dry out and remove all the water and test all internals for functioning. If there is any damage detected, we replace the part with an authentic new one and test the mobile before returning it.

Computer Repair

It includes lcd replacement charging port repair,
keyboard and touchpad replacement replacement hard drive replacement, windows reinstall

Laptop Repair

What Raztech Offers?

Some Feedback From Our Happy Clients

Elaine Rowe

Fixed my iPhone 11 pro max within an hour with exceptional service and warranty. Thanks Raza!

Chatrawatie Singh

This guy is the best. He fixed my Samsung Galaxy s20 screen within an hour for a very good price. Thanks Mr. Raza!


Very helpful awesome people take the time to help you with your phone and great extras