How To Choose The Right External Battery For a Smartphone?

External Battery For a Smartphone

The art and the way to stay connected and reachable all the time, at any time and in any place.

To satisfy everyone’s technical and design needs, the new, trendy attachment known as the external battery is available in a variety of flavours. To fulfil all demands, there are an increasing number of brands, models, and forms. To make the right choice, the use you will make of your backup battery is important to consider.

Never again without my external battery!

In fact, we have developed the habit of always relying on our different accoutrements. And it’s practically scandalous now to let your phone slip when you’re conducting a Google search or viewing a YouTube video! How can we ensure energy independence and get the most use out of all of our equipment throughout our indoor and outdoor activities? of course, by always carrying a power bank with you!

How much energy does your reserve require?

An external battery’s power typically ranges from 2600 mah to 50000 mah. How does that feel to you? Simply said, the power and charging time are inversely proportional: the faster your smartphone recharges, the more powerful the external battery.

Which external battery format is right for you?

The power bank is a portable battery. So transportable and nomadic. But how do you plan to take it with you? In your laptop bag? In your backpack? Or in your little purse? Or even better, slip it into your jeans pocket?

Many models are available today, in all sizes, and all colours (the girly model with sequins has even been seen on the web), with or without an integrated cable. The important thing is that it is as compact as possible and shock resistant.

How does the power bank recharge?

For your external battery to be able to recharge your equipment, it is of course imperative that it be charged beforehand! Count a minimum of ten minutes for hours of additional use.

There are also different possibilities here. The batteries recharge themselves in three possible and cumulative ways: by a computer, by an external charger, and by photovoltaic energy, that is to say, solar energy. And the external solar battery is surely the most efficient and ecological model because the most autonomous and wireless. Indeed, outdoors, you can always count on your emergency power supply since it recharges thanks to an integrated solar panel.

What other features should I combine with my power bank?

Today, external batteries can combine different functions. Indeed, in addition to recharging your smartphone in all circumstances, this energy source can also light you up thanks to an integrated LED lamp, and certain models, which are waterproof, even go so far as to inflate your mattress! Something to delight fans of outdoor activities and camping.