iphone repair london ontario
iphone repair london ontario


Your iPhone is your everyday companion. Sometimes, it needs a little fine treatment as well. That is what we are here to provide!

apple iphone repair london ontario

We Fix All Types Of iPhones – Top Rated iPhone Repair London Ontario!

iPhones are an investment in the next few years of your smartphone life. The prices are higher than ever, touching and crossing a thousand US dollars! We know how much your iPhone means to you and we understand the pain when something happens to it. We can fix all the damage whether it is a broken screen, a bad battery or even a busted speaker! Just bring it to us and get it fixed within the same day!

Our iPhone Repair Services

Our skilled technicians use high-end repair equipment to ensure the optimum working condition of your device. Trust us and you won’t have to buy a new phone!

iphone screen repair london ontario

Screen Repair

Broken screens are the biggest complaint among iPhone users. We are here to fix it for you by carefully removing the glass shards and replacing the panel with a brand new one!

iphone speaker repair london ontario

Speaker Repair

A Speaker is usually broken due to water or impact damage. We can check the unit for moisture and test run to see if everything works fine. If it’s still broken, we replace it with a new one!

iphone battery replacement london ontario

Battery Replacement

It is normal for batteries to wear out and lose charge over time. We can replace the cells and fit a new one so you can get the screen time you come to expect from an iPhone battery replacement!

But Wait, There’s More!

If you have any type of water damage, antenna damage, microphone damage or even headphone damage, we can fix all of it for you within the same day. We take pride in the quality of our repairs which is why they come with a warranty. Bring your broken device and walk out with a healthy functional device! Your wish is our command and total customer satisfaction is our goal!

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Quality Check!

We maintain a state-of-the-art standard to exceed repair expectations. We use only the best equipment and have tech experts with years of experience, skills and certifications to back them up.

Why Take Our Services

We offer a fast turnaround time so you don’t have to wait in a long line just to get your phone fixed. Make a quick call beforehand and you can see a crew member within a few minutes of your visit. You get your device back on the same day you bring it and our repairs come with a 60-day warranty so you can have peace of mind. However, we are confident you will not need to avail it as we are fully certain of our repair job!