Essential Tools Used by Technicians of Cell Phone Repair in London, Ontario

Essential Tools Used by Technicians of Cell Phone Repair in London, Ontario

When purchasing mobile phone repair gear and equipment, you should always go with the best tools available, even if they are a little more expensive. Repairing a cell phone with low-cost tools and equipment may be inconvenient. On the other hand, a few dollars in high-quality tools and equipment will allow you to repair a mobile phone quickly and easily.

At RazTech, we perform repair jobs with the most high-quality and expensive tools that will make your repair long-lasting and improve the performance of your cell phone. But that doesn’t mean that our prices are way too much. Still, despite offering excellent services, we offer lower prices than our competitors because we believe in ultimate customer satisfaction. 

When we talk about tools for cell phone repair in London, these are not simple tools that everyone can operate. So if you are curious about tools for mobile phone repair, then this article is for you as we will enlist some of the most common tools used by our technicians at RazTech. Let’s move ahead!

Tools Used By Professionals of Phone Repair in London, Ontario

Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is required to solder tiny components such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, regulators, speakers, microphones, displays, and so on (or similar tools). A 50-watt soldering iron is sufficient for most repairs in London, Ontario.

At RazTech, we use one that is easy to grip and will not burn your hand. Users of soldering irons should be able to select from a variety of soldering tips and bits. These tips or components should be interchangeable. Because static charge or static energy can harm most electrical components in a mobile phone, it must also be ESD-Safe (Antistatic). Goot and Weller, two of the world’s most popular soldering iron brands, manufacture, distribute, and world-class export products.

Microscope or Magnifier

These were used to examine a PCB or other electrical component close-up during cell phone and tablet repair. There are several zoom levels to choose from, including 2X, 3X, 5X, and 10X. Many microscopes can be used with a computer or monitor.

A mobile phone PCB must be magnified to examine the fine details of the SMD components. In addition to standard magnifiers, there are USB microscopes, a tabletop magnifier, and an ahead magnifier with LED light.

Apart from our excellent repair jobs, we also diagnose the problems of your phone right away. Visit our services page to know more about the phone brands we work on. 

Tweezers with a curved grip

Several small components are linked together to make a phone work as intended. Hand-repairing a phone is difficult due to the small components that must be selected and repaired. In this situation, having tweezers on hand is critical, and all the best cell phone repair shops in London, Ontario, use these.

The tweezers used by technicians at RazTech have tips that are designed so that small items required for phone repair are easily handled. 


Mobile phone experts may use an analog or digital multimeter. One of the most used tools in RazTech is a digital multimeter, which is used to diagnose problems and inspect tracks or individual test parts. Always use an ESD-Safe digital multimeter of high quality and reliability while working with mobile devices.


A phone repair shop is known for its equipment for repair jobs. Hence if you intend to perform a repair yourself, then these types of equipment are compulsory. But it is always advised to let professionals like RazTech handle your phone if you are an amateur. So in case you need repair service, don’t forget to contact RazTech repair services.